Flat Grave Stone

Grave markers are available in Granite, Marble, and Bronze.

Some of the terminology that causes a lot of confusion is the names given to the different types of stones. The stones that stand up and have engraving on the front are called “upright stones.

Flat grave markers are the most common currently. They are available in Granite, Marble, and Bronze. The 24×12’ for single markers and 36”x12” for companion usually the stone in 4 inches thick. What makes the difference between a Raised Stone and a Flat marker is the way that they are installed. The raised stones are normally set on a concrete base and the flat stones are set in the ground at grass level.

Knowing what the location requirements are for the different locations is another way that Eugene Monument can help you make the right choice.

Choosing the right style, type of stone and the design is made easy with the large selection in the show room along with the hundreds of photos that can be reviewed.

Different choices available for stones include colors, polished, smooth or rought edges, and bronze plaques.


Haakanson-001  Fix
 Flat Gray Stone  Flat Stone with Bronze plaque
 Haakanson-002  Hinchman