Frequently asked Questions


Q. Do I have to purchase my memorial grave stone from the Cemetery or Funeral Home that is being used?

A. Absolutely not. All that is required is that the monument meets the requirements for the chosen location.

Q. Where do the Funeral Homes and Cemeteries get their memorials?

A. Most are purchased from large manufactures that offer a variety of set designs and they act as middlemen to arrange the purchase. Eugene Monument       does not offer any wholesale pricing or discounts all of their customers pay the same competitive price, and all monuments are one of a kind hand crafted originals.

Q. Are all of you products locally produced?

A. All of the design and engraving is done in house. Everything we sell is for the most part is made in the U.S.A. including blank stones, and the suppliers for other items such as vases, laser images, photo plaques, and bronze plaques are for the most part made in the U.S.A.